The Story Of Abhishek Goel

From an analyst to the SVP of Citibank in just 3 years...


Abhishek Goel

Founder, Chief Data Leader

  • 16 years of experience in delivering Data Science driven Products. 
  • ​ROI delivered for 300+ optimization projects, 100+ collection optimization projects
  • ​Generated $3bn+ for clients/employers
  • ​Former Executive with Citi, US Bank, PwC
  • Adjunct Professor of MS in Data Science: UT Dallas & SMU

Hi, Abhishek here.

I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

In the March of 2008, I started my first data job.

The modeling part came easy.

The stakeholders engagement and delivery part? Not so much

(maybe you can relate)

In the early times of my new position, I struggled to deliver even one project.

I was pulling late nights.

I was up at 4:50am and working by 5am just to keep grinding.

I stopped spending time with my family, including my sweet daughter at the time.

And I still couldn’t deliver the project even after working on it - for a good 6 MONTHS.

I was stuck & on the verge of quitting. 

I finally admitted to myself, I have had enough.

“… & That’s When I Had An ‘Aha Moment’ That Changed Everything…”

Then I started observing some of the successful mentors around me

They were always on time and had predictable schedules...

They have a good work-life balance...

They don’t send emails in crazy hours...

They were able to be in meetings listen to concerns and were able to figure out things...

Then I started reading books…

Engaging with many successful mentors who were 15-20 years ahead of me in professional life…

Learned from many coaches on different topics…

​​And I took everything I learned in the coming 2-3 years, I had completed my first version of my 3D Growth Framework from scratch…

When I started implementing this framework, my career soared.

I was being promoted to the manager of my company in just a matter of 2 years+.

And I continued to perfect my 3D Growth Framework and implementing it.

I went from being stuck in the same position for 2 years…

… to become the manager of PwC…

... then to the SVP of Citibank and doubled my income…

... then delivered over 300 projects and $3bn in value…

... and fast forward 14 years - I’m now the owner of an AI company that works with Fortune 500 companies.

Once I saw how well my 3D Growth Framework worked inside my own career … I decided to start teaching my framework to other data scientists I worked with.

At first I was nervous to start teaching my method to others because I didn’t know if we had just gotten “lucky” or maybe it was a fluke …

… but after seeing a few other data scientists apply my framework in their own career & get similar results…

… I knew I was onto something.

So I’ve spent the last 1 year dissecting my framework & turning it into a simple & repeatable process any data scientists can use to grow their career exponentially …

… and I'm revealing some of my methods inside my “1% Data Scientist Mini-Course”.

Inside, I’ll share with you exactly what it takes to grow your career and become a data leader that enjoys the top 1% data salary and recognition.

If you're a data scientist or data analyst... and you'd like to grow your career exponentially and become the top 1% data scientist... this Mini-Course is for you.

I have 100+ mentees winning big with my 3D Growth Framework and are now working in every companies/industries you can image...

  • Facebook
  • ​Chase
  • ​TikTok 
  • ​Microsoft
  • ​Amazon
  • ​Netflix
  • ​Walmart
  • ​Baylor
  • ​AIG
  • PwC, 
  • ​Mckinsey
  • ​Citibank 
And now I want to help you with to move away from being a data scientist to become a top 1% data scientist a.k.a. a data leader that earns the top 1% salary and recognition in the company.

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